What are the three general categories of gym equipment

For a person who engaged in operations business, there is always not enough time to go to the gym after getting off work. If you apply for a card in the gym, you feel that you will lose money. In addition, now that the epidemic is not fully controlled, the gym may go bankrupt. Nowadays, more and more people are keener to buy home gym equipment, which is convenient and practical. Do you know what are the three general categories of gym equipment on the market. What types of fitness equipment are there? In summary, it can be divided into three types:

① Crossbody fitness equipment: such as comprehensive training device, home multifunctional fitness device, etc.;

②Local fitness equipment: such as exercise bikes, rowing machines, inverted machines, treadmills, as well as calf lifters, heavy hammer tensioners, heel lifters, etc.;

③Small fitness equipment: such as the well-known dumbbells, kettlebells, crank barbells, spring tensioners, fitness discs, elastic bars, grippers, etc.

  1.  All-round gym equipment
    It is comprehensive training equipment that can be used by multiple people to perform cyclic or selective exercises on one device at the same time. This kind of fitness equipment is large in size, complete in functions, and expensive. It is suitable for use in fitness centers, rehabilitation centers, offices or school gyms. It should be noted that although the multifunctional treadmill is full-body fitness equipment, it only adds rowing, pedaling, push-ups, waist rotation, massage, and other functions on the basis of a single-function treadmill, so the volume is not very large. Large, also suitable for home gyms.
all round gym equipment
  1. Local gym equipment
    Most of them are specialized training equipment with small structures, covering an area of about 1 square meter, most of them can be folded, and some are also interesting. Its function is relatively simple, mainly focusing on the exercise of local muscle groups. This type of fitness equipment has not only the power type that uses weights and hydraulic cylinders as heavy loads, but also the non-power type that uses its own power as its driving force, without the need for disassembly and assembly. Some are also equipped with electronic display devices such as time, speed, S distance, heart rate, etc. so that exercisers can control the amount of exercise themselves. Therefore, it is quite popular among fitness lovers and is the “protagonist” of the home gym.
local gym equipment

3. Small gym equipment
Although the size is small, the exercise value is not low. Taking adjustable dumbbells as an example, it is not only suitable for people of different ages, genders and physiques to exercise, but also can exercise all muscles of the whole body, and it is an indispensable equipment for people with good health. Another example is the spring tensioner, which is light and compact, low in price, easy to store, and easy to carry; it can also achieve the purpose of strengthening the body. And small fitness machines like fitness balls are most suitable for middle-aged and elderly people.

small gym equipment

Home fitness equipment recommendation 1: dumbbells, yoga mats, skipping ropes and other small fitness equipment.

For people with low fitness intensity, the requirements for fitness equipment are not high. At this time, a dumbbell is a good choice for girls to practice yoga or jump rope!

Home fitness equipment recommendation 2; spinning bike or elliptical machine

If you want to increase the training intensity, you need home fitness equipment with more functions, such as the spinning bike or elliptical machine discussed here. Spinning bikes and elliptical machines will be more obvious for the lower body exercise. The single exercise process will be more monotonous, basically sitting exercises, but it is still obvious for the lower body exercises, especially the legs.

Home fitness equipment recommendation 3: treadmill

Treadmills are currently the most used category in the field of home fitness equipment, and their advantages are self-evident. Treadmills can have a large or small amount of exercise and have complete functions. Unfortunately, for those with relatively small space for installation, the treadmill is a bit big.

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