How to choose a home exercise bike?

cardio bikes
cardio bikes

How to choose a home exercise bike? in fact, choosing an exercise bike mainly looks at some of its functions and workmanship, and the following are some useful tips:

Display panel

The main function is to display various data. Generally speaking, the display panel of a common exercise bike has 5 display windows, which respectively display: time, speed, distance, energy, and heart rate; some exercise bikes are equipped with larger sizes. The big screen window, the difference is that you need to use the switch button to select the display to view the data. This screen is mainly used on some higher-end exercise bikes, because there are more functions, too much to display! But you don’t need so much at home


For a enthusiast who likes to use an exercise bike to exercise, the comfort of the seat is very important. Of course, for ordinary enthusiasts, an uncomfortable seat, I believe he will not spend more time to exercise. So a comfortable seat will allow you to spend more time exercising; mainly depends on the way the seat is adjusted. Some low-end product seats can only be adjusted up and down; and some mid-to-high-end exercise bikes can not only It can be adjusted up and down, and can be adjusted arbitrarily back and forth, which is more user-friendly! My Westinghouse exercise bike can be adjusted up and down arbitrarily.


The weight of the flywheel is very important for people who exercise. The daily weight used in the family is 3-4kg, and the professional one may be around 8-13. My Westinghouse exercise bike is 4kg, which can be used by the whole family. , And I think the weight is relatively moderate, mainly because this exercise bike has an 8-speed resistance adjustment. When the 8-speed is used, the resistance is already very scary.

Transmission belt

The transmission belt determines the mute effect when the equipment is used, and the friction performance of the belt also directly affects whether the foot feels comfortable when the equipment is used.

the above are some tips for How to choose a home exercise bike. hope it works on you.

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