Advantages VS Disadvantages Of Home Samll Treadmill

Small home treadmills are very attractive for people with limited space. However, a slim, clean, compact, and lightweight treadmill usually means some compromises in design, construction, and components.

small treadmill

Before you buy a small treadmill, make sure it can load your weight normally.

The advantages of a small treadmill.

Compact design

If your home cannot provide a spacious treadmill space, you need a model that can be easily folded and takes up minimal space. You can put the treadmill in the closet, against the wall, or under the bed. For example, when stored against a wall, it hardly takes up any space. But not all folding treadmills are compact. Some models have a depth of more than 60cm when folded. However, there are several compact versions that can be folded to about 25cm, and they are thin enough to fit under most beds.

Easy to move

Unless you put the treadmill directly against the wall, the small treadmill has the advantages of light weight, easy folding and moving. If you want to move the treadmill after every use, this model should be light and easy to move.

Disadvantages of small treadmills.

First of all, if you do not need to store the treadmill in a small place, then it is recommended not to buy a small treadmill. The slim design and lightweight have resulted in some compromises in performance.

Small motor

In order to reduce weight, small treadmills are often equipped with small motors. The power usually does not exceed 1.0 continuous working horsepower. This means that they are not designed to handle high-speed movement or overweight people.

Trotting board

Similarly, in order to reduce weight, the running board is smaller than normal. 42CM width is relatively common, so I would not recommend such a treadmill to anyone over 170CM. In addition, the small motor and sprint board make the small treadmill suitable for walking/jogging only.


The combination of lightweight and small footprints does not make a small treadmill the most stable treadmill.

we suggest:

It is very convenient to use a treadmill to exercise at home, and because of this, you may use it more often. If you want to take advantage of this convenience in a limited space, then a small treadmill is worth considering. However, if you have extra treadmill space, it is recommended to consider a model with a larger motor and a larger treadmill. In addition, if you are tall, overweight, or plan to use it for regular exercise and running, don’t consider a small treadmill.

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