How to use dumbbells to reduce fat and shape? 5 actions to help you sculpt lines and build firm muscles

Introduction: If you go to the gym and don’t have enough time and money, please don’t envy others. A pair of dumbbells can help you build a beautiful body at home, regardless of whether your training goal is to lose fat or shape. Shape, dumbbells will help you effectively combine aerobic and anaerobic, to train … Read more

Leg training + weight loss: How does the kettlebell deadlift work on the hips and legs? What is worth noting?

Muscle North Peak Introduction: Kettlebell is a very niche exercise method. This exercise method requires us to exercise with the help of a kettlebell with a handle. What I bring to you today is a sport that can train legs and lose weight. The name of this sport is called kettlebell deadlift. Kettlebell deadlift has … Read more

curved treadmills help runner’s increase oxygen consumption

A study published in the Journal of Sports Science and Medicine showed that when training on a curved treadmill, participants’ oxygen consumption increased by 32%, exercise efficiency decreased by 38%, heart rate increased by 16%, and running rhythm increased. 2.5%. According to a study published in the Journal of Sports Science and Medicine, runners perform … Read more

Advantages VS Disadvantages Of Home Samll Treadmill

Small home treadmills are very attractive for people with limited space. However, a slim, clean, compact, and lightweight treadmill usually means some compromises in design, construction, and components. Before you buy a small treadmill, make sure it can load your weight normally. The advantages of a small treadmill. Compact design If your home cannot provide … Read more

How to choose a home exercise bike?

How to choose a home exercise bike? in fact, choosing an exercise bike mainly looks at some of its functions and workmanship, and the following are some useful tips: Display panel The main function is to display various data. Generally speaking, the display panel of a common exercise bike has 5 display windows, which respectively … Read more