How to use dumbbells to reduce fat and shape? 5 actions to help you sculpt lines and build firm muscles

Introduction: If you go to the gym and don’t have enough time and money, please don’t envy others. A pair of dumbbells can help you build a beautiful body at home, regardless of whether your training goal is to lose fat or shape. Shape, dumbbells will help you effectively combine aerobic and anaerobic, to train firm muscles, clear lines.

01 Why dumbbells are the nemesis of body fat and muscles
The whole body exercises are divided into the upper limb and lower limb training. Dumbbells play an important role in these two kinds of training, such as bench press Among the exercise modes such as (breast training), leaning over and rowing (back training), and pressing (training shoulders), dumbbells are the heaviest exercise, and the exercise effect is also very obvious. It is more flexible in exercise, and it is also effective in lower limb training. It plays an important role. When we lift dumbbells and do squats, the stimulation of hip and leg muscles is invisibly increased. Even the waist and abdomen of our upper and lower limbs cannot be separated from the stimulation of dumbbells. For example: When the trainer is holding dumbbells for turning, the main target is the muscles on the side of the waist and abdomen. Especially in some movements of dorsiflexion and extension, we not only maximize the stimulation of the back muscles but also make the lumbar spine more flexible. It can be seen that the muscles that want to be lazy will change under the stimulation of dumbbells, and as the number of exercises increases, energy will consume a lot of fat and become the nemesis of body fat.

02How to choose the weight of dumbbells for fat reduction and shaping
When ordinary people use dumbbells for fitness, we should choose the appropriate dumbbell weight, too light to be effective for exercise The effect is that too heavy will make the trainer unable to master the movement posture, causing physical injury. Generally, when boys are just exercising, it is best to choose a single dumbbell of about 15 kg. This range of weight is mainly aimed at gaining muscle and strength; Girls lower the weight, usually about 3 kg per single weight, mainly to help girls to reduce fat and shape, modify beautiful muscle lines.
3. How do girls use 5 exercises to reduce fat and shape their body?
Action 1: Dumbbell squat shoulder press Keep your arms at the same width, flex your elbows and squeeze the dumbbells with your hands, let your forearms be vertical to the ground, palms facing forward, tighten your black muscles, and keep your body stable.
When exercising, the hip and leg muscles contract and exert force, the body does a squat action, stay for 1 second, feel the tension of the hip and leg, then stand upright and raise your arms up, contracting the middle and front muscles, the highest point and stay for 1 second, and then resume the repeated squat-press training.
The whole movement requires the trainer to maintain a stable body, pay attention to the smoothness of the two movements, sense the intensity of the tension and contraction of the target muscle, and maximize the burning of body fat while making the muscles firmer.
Action 2: Dumbbell Squat Bounce

The trainer maintains a standing posture, the distance between the feet is wider than the shoulders, the toes and knees are in the same straight line, arms straighten and hold the dumbbells At the thighs, the body is straight and the chest and back are tight.
Fix the position of the arms during exercise, do a squat posture, stay at the bottom for 1 second, and then straighten up the body in a controlled manner. When the body stands up straight, use the explosive force of the leg muscles to bounce up once and land. Instantly do squats again.
Action 3: Dumbbell single-leg deadlift

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The trainer keeps standing, the supporting leg is on the ground with the soles of the feet, and the other leg is lifted off the ground for 10 cm, arms stretched out in front of the body. Hold the dumbbells to tighten the core muscles and keep your body stable.
When exercising, use the supporting foot to push, and then raise the non-main leg backward. When the thigh is parallel to the ground, stop the movement for 1 second, and then restore the exercise leg to repeat the movement.
Motion 4: Cross step + shoulder press

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Keep your body standing, keep your chest up, raise your head, bend your elbows on your shoulders, hold the dumbbells with your hands, palms facing forward.
Tighten your core during exercise, stabilize your legs and do cross-steps, and move your arms downwards in a coordinated manner. Stay at the bottom for 1 second to maximize the contraction of the hip and leg muscles, and then restore the exercises to stand up straight and arms again Return to the shoulders, and then do shoulder presses, stay for a few seconds, and then resume the repeated movements in a controlled manner.
Action 5: Lunge + shoulder press


The trainer keeps standing, raises the chest and raises the head to tighten the core, maintains the stability of the body, flexes the elbows, and holds the dumbbells with both hands on the shoulders.
When exercising, do a lunge with one leg to the side of the body, and move both arms to the side of the body in a coordinated manner, and stay at the farthest distance for 1 second.
Then restore the body in a controlled manner, and switch legs to practice again.
Conclusion: Girls love beauty by nature, but beauty is directly proportional to persistence. Only if you are familiar with the dumbbell training exercises and let your exercises have an effect at home, you will have a beautiful body and let you Sexy from the inside out, don’t indulge in the drama every day, make full use of your time to make yourself healthier, build good-looking muscle lines and firm muscles.

forearm dumbbell workouts

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