Leg training + weight loss: How does the kettlebell deadlift work on the hips and legs? What is worth noting?

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Introduction: Kettlebell is a very niche exercise method. This exercise method requires us to exercise with the help of a kettlebell with a handle. What I bring to you today is a sport that can train legs and lose weight. The name of this sport is called kettlebell deadlift. Kettlebell deadlift has two benefits. The first benefit is leg training, and the second benefit is weight loss. Do you want to practice legs or lose weight? If you want to, it’s better to learn this sport from me.

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01 Kettlebell deadlift how to practice hips and legs
(1) Preparations
Before we do this exercise, what preparations do we need to do? First, we need to warm up ourselves in two steps. The first step is to warm up the whole body, and the second step is to warm up the legs, focusing on the knee joints. Next, we need to prepare a kettlebell of appropriate weight, place the kettlebell in our hands and hold it in both hands.

kettlebell deadlift

(2) The starting position of the action
We have to stand upright, with our chests up, chests out, back straight, core contraction, feet slightly wider than shoulders, hands Holding a kettlebell in total, placed it in front of his body, and dropped naturally.

kettlebell deadlift

(3) The process of movement
We need to bend our knee joints for a half-squat exercise. At the same time, let our hips be the pivot point, tilt our upper limbs forward, and contract ourselves Core. At this time, we were in a half-squatting posture, with our hips tilted back slightly, our head, back and hips were in a straight line, our arms were naturally vertical to the ground, and our hands firmly grasped the kettlebell. We need to keep the kettlebell in contact with the ground as much as possible, and maintain this action to allow the body to get a greater exercise effect, and then recover.

kettlebell deadlift

02 Places to pay attention to when doing the kettlebell deadlift
(1) Don’t push forward too much
When we perform the kettlebell deadlift, we need to keep the upper body away Forward, if the body is too forward, it will not be able to maintain the center of gravity, and will lose balance, and the whole person will fall easily. We need to find a posture that suits us. If your upper limbs are relatively long, your hips need to be back a bit, and the angle of your upper limbs should not be too large. In addition, we have to shrink the core as much as possible so that we can help ourselves to maintain balance.
(2) Keep your knees out when squatting.
When we are doing kettlebell deadlifts, we need to ensure the position of our knees. When we are squatting, our knees should not be outward, otherwise it may affect our exercise effect. First of all, we will disperse the strength of the body so that the strength is concentrated on the knees, which affects the exercise effect of the hips and legs, and also damages the knee joints.

kettlebell deadlift

03My experience in this sport
Before recommending this sport to everyone, I did a kettlebell deadlift for three weeks, although the time is not It’s very long, but it also has some experience. Let me share with you the experience you have accumulated! If you have any ideas, you can communicate with me in the comment section.
First of all, when I was doing this exercise, my biggest feeling was that the effect of exercise was insufficient. I am a veteran with three and a half years of fitness experience, and I usually do squats, lunges and other leg training exercises. So when doing this kind of kettlebell deadlift, you will feel that the effect of exercise is insufficient. I did 30 kettlebell deadlifts in one go, but my leg muscles still didn’t feel much.

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Later, I adjusted the way of exercise appropriately. I replaced the kettlebell with a larger weight, and adjusted the force point to the hip and leg area. When I exercise again, I insisted on performing a peak contraction for each movement. This time I performed 25 and felt very tired. In this way, I will do 2 groups every day, each group of 20 to 25, the effect of exercise is very good.
According to my experience, you can sum up three points:
(1) Find the strength that suits you to exercise.
(2) Focus on the hips and legs.
(3) It’s better to do this exercise in groups.

kettlebell deadlift

Conclusion: After my own practice, the exercise effect of this exercise is really good. If the full score is five stars, I can reach this sport. Four stars. The kettlebell deadlift I introduced to you can help your hips and legs feel a great exercise effect, so I hope you can do more deadlift exercises, not only kettlebells, but also more exercise equipment such as dumbbells and barbells.

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