spinning bike

How to choose a suitable home spinning bikes? usually, you need to consider the following use scene:

1. Adapt to the home scene

can not have too much floor space, and can not have too much noise. In terms of floor space, spinning bikes do not occupy a large area. Compared with other home fitness equipment treadmills and rowing machines, they are more suitable for home placement. From the perspective of noise control, electromagnetic waves are generally used now. Resistance adjustment + belt transmission mode, the sound during operation will be relatively small, plus the general purchase of the business will give a mat, so basically don’t worry too much about this, the next recommended brands in this regard are no problem.

2.  whether there are children or pets in your home.

From a safer point of view, in order to prevent children or pets from being injured by accidental touch, it is recommended to buy a fully-wrapped design. That is, the entire flywheel is wrapped.

3. From the perspective of the sports crowd

see who uses the spinning bike. If you use it yourself, basically any brand of it will be fine; if it is used by multiple people, it is best to use resistance adjustment to support more options. Bit. Here is another popular concept. When we buy a spinning bike, we will see how many gears. So what does this mean? It actually distinguishes the resistance during riding. The higher the gear, the greater the resistance, and the exercise effect is also very good. It is like climbing a mountain, the difference between a gentle slope and a steep slope, and the resistance. The greater the intensity of the exercise, the greater the exercise effect is. Then boys and girls have different gear choices for different age groups, so if it is used by a family, it is recommended to choose a high gear.

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