Among many fitness equipments, kettlebells are a kind of unpopular small fitness equipment. In fact, using kettlebells by one person is also helpful to the body, but many people don’t know the benefits and functions of kettlebells, mainly for exerting exercise efficiency, Help guides the squat posture, strengthen the body’s explosive power these three benefits. What are the benefits and functions of kettlebell training?

1. Effectiveness in a limited space. Compared with other fitness equipment, kettlebells are small in size, light in weight, easy to move, require less storage and exercise space, and can be fully mobilized All parts of the body are a kind of systemic exercise. This is very convenient and practical for people with limited living space.

2. To help guide beginners in the squat posture, they usually start with a goblet squat, or squat with a kettlebell in their hands. The reason is that doing these movements first can reduce the burden on the spine and make the resistance smaller. The use of kettlebells to do squats can also help beginners to more easily experience the neutral spine, knee, and thigh extroverted posture. Not only is it very labor-saving, but it is also more adaptable to the intensity of squats.

3. Strengthen the explosive power and athletic ability of the body. It is very important for us to do exercises. If the strength is not improved, we will not improve when we do exercises. In fact, the explosive power can also be improved through acquired exercise. Although the kettlebell is relatively small, it is actually very easy to help you improve your athletic ability when you exercise. Over time, your muscles can become more developed. 4. Enhancing the anti-rotation ability of the torso. Kettlebell training basically revolves around the movement of rotation, such as unilateral support, over-raising, and over-pushing. These actions are easy to cause self-balance bar imbalance. And through kettlebell training, we can further exercise our “trunk stability” and “anti-rotation” capabilities

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