Why barbell is the best strength training equipment? Now many young people walk into the gym, continuous fitness, many are to be able to have tight muscles, a muscle can not only make people’s eyes brighter, dress in style and undress in flesh,┬ácan be enough to prove a person’s self-discipline, the barbell is a perfect match for fitness and muscle, want to have firm and strong muscles, that barbell must be indispensable, but many novices get hurt in one stroke, In fact, as long as the method is used correctly, the barbell movement is not difficult, the barbell is good training equipment, can be used to train chest muscles, back muscles, biceps, etc.

Commonly used barbell training actions

  • 1. bench press
  • 2. squat
  • 3. deadlift
  • 4. press
  • 5. curl
  • 6. rowing



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