There are many factors to consider when choosing a treadmill.

The first is the power.  The motor is the most expensive part of the treadmill. The motor is also the most important part of the treadmill. One horsepower can provide a load of about 65 kg, and the weight of a treadmill user is closely related to the horsepower. If the weight is about 50-65 kg, you can choose the continuous output of horsepower to be controlled at about 1-1.5. If the person weighs more than 75 kg, you need to choose an output power of 1.5-2.5.

The width. The width cannot be chosen arbitrarily. The wider the track is not the better. After all, the wide track takes up more space, and the narrow track has limitations for running. For example, if the weight is about 110 kg and a person with a height of 165 cm can choose a treadmill with a track width of 45 cm, and a person with a weight of 150 kg or more and a height of about 180 cm, it is best to choose the width 48 cm.

The shock absorption and quietness. In fact, many people value the shock absorption and quietness of treadmills. After all, they are sports equipment used at home. They definitely don’t want to disturb others. The shock absorption and quietness of treadmills are largely related to the price of treadmills.

Generally speaking, as long as the control panel of the treadmill is sensitive, it can display the data during running in time. Others do not need many complicated functions.